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About Us

InvestWiser offers stock analysis in a visual style expressing a company’s progress through modern-day charts. With just typing a stock name you’ll be saving hours of manually obtaining data. Receiving a company’s forecasts, consensus, target price, performance, valuation, financial health, dividend, references and more within seconds. Our focus is to include every important quantitative data sparing people the time of making their own analysis because some websites don’t fulfill their needs in making an investment.

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A few years ago, I got introduced to the stock market. I was charmed by its potential and all the speculations when investing. The fact that there is no answer to which investments are superior made it really fascinating. I began doing research on how to analyze stocks, and like most others I made lots of sheets when picking investments. Simply because most analysis tools did not satisfy my needs. They always lacked some important data like different indicators, estimates, historical performance, references and more. Therefore, I worked day and night using my programming competence to write automized programs in hope of making a solution. I also wanted to replace tables with modern-day charts providing a more visual approach to analyzing. In that way I could express a story when presenting charts and see how they affect each other forming a picture of companies’ change throughout the years. That is how InvestWiser was invented. To offer that picture to everyone else.

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